Remarkable Sunset Moth Picture Ideas

One of the most beautiful creatures in the world is a Sunset Moth, also known as an Evening Moth. These moths are mostly white with black spots on their wings and have bright blue eyes that glow brightly when they fly at night. They are known for being attracted to lights at night, which can … Read more

Attacus Atlas Moth: A Plant Eating Giant

The Attacus Atlas Moth is a large, beautiful animal that lives in the forests of Southeast Asia. The Attacus Atlas Moth can grow up to 11 inches long and has a wingspan of 12-14 inches. It eats plants and flowers for nourishment, but it’s larvae feed off other insects like aphids or caterpillars. This insect … Read more

Incredible Coastal Peacock Spider

Maratus speciosus is sometimes known as the coastal peacock or jumping spider. It’s an Australian species (family Salticidae). Only the coast sand dunes in southwestern Western Australia are known to be their habitat. The males of this species, like other Maratus spiders engage in courtship displays during which they raise their third set of legs … Read more