Squirrel Monkey

One of the most charming and small primates is the squirrel monkey. Five species are believed to exist in the squirrel monkey family. They are social, active, and agile animals. They live high up in the trees and move at a very fast pace through the canopy. They are very active throughout the day and … Read more

Blue Glaucus the Beautiful Blue Dragon Fish

Glaucus Atlanticus or blue dragons are part of the group of creatures called nudibranchs. They are also known as blue sea snails, blue angels and blue swallows. Glaucus genus contains a few blue dragon species.1 They can be found floating in the ocean currents of tropical and temperate oceans, including the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic … Read more

Incredible Coastal Peacock Spider

Maratus speciosus is sometimes known as the coastal peacock or jumping spider. It’s an Australian species (family Salticidae). Only the coast sand dunes in southwestern Western Australia are known to be their habitat. The males of this species, like other Maratus spiders engage in courtship displays during which they raise their third set of legs … Read more

California Red-sided Garter Snake

Like their common name, the California Red-Sided Gartersnake (Thamnophis Sirtalis Infernalis), is found in California. They are found along the coast, east of the San Francisco Bay, just below the Monterey Bay, and south to Humboldt County. They are excellent swimmers and prefer habitats close to streams, ditches, marshes, or ponds. If threatened, they will … Read more

18 Extraordinary Guereza Colobus Picture Inspirations

Mantled colobus (Colobus guereza), eastern black-and white colobus and magistrate colobus are all Old World monkeys that are widely distributed throughout Central Africa. The range of the species extends eastward from Nigeria, east of the Niger river, the upper Donga river, and the Yabassi District of Cameroon to Equatorial Guinea, through Chad, Gabon and the … Read more

Splendi Mandarinfish Pet Ideas

Commonly, mandarinfish are fish that belong to the Callionymidae family or Dragonet family. Because of their special diet requirements, these fish are very difficult to keep. After overcoming the dietary challenges, mandarinfish can be kept fairly easily. Below is a list of mandarinfish species identifications, characteristics, compatibility feeding, aquarium care and more. Find out how to care for … Read more

The Beauty of Chinese Water Deer

Chinese water deer (Hydropotes Inermis), a small Asian deer belonging to the Cervidae family (order Artiodactyla), is a very small Asian species of deer. It’s a Cervidae member of the Cervidae order Artiodactyla and is native to the fertile river valleys in Korea, as well as the Yangtze River (Chang Jiang), valley in China. The … Read more

Fun Fact of Pink Fairy Armadilo (Chlamyphorus truncatus)

The pink fairy armadillo, also known as the Pichiciego is one of the smallest species of armadillo. It is found in central Argentina’s sandy plains and dry grasslands. It is unique because of its aerodynamic body shape, smooth shell and sharp claws. This creature can bury itself in the sand in seconds and then nagivate … Read more

Streaked Tenrec Beautiful Mammal from Madagascar

Many animals that are found only in Madagascar are extremely rare. The streaked Tenrec is one of the 31 species that are most highly specialized. They are part of the hedgehog tencres and have spines similar to hedgehogs. The spines may not be completely authentic. It is a bristly fur with spines that protrude in … Read more

Outstanding Capybara Pet Ideas

Exotic pet owners are now looking for unusual and unique pets. Although these animals are beautiful and can be enjoyed as pets, there are some drawbacks. What is a Capybara? The largest rodent in the universe is the capybara. They are found on most of South America’s continents. They are also found in Florida but … Read more